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Asha carries eco-friendly, fairly traded accessories from Asia.

Asha carries eco-friendly, fairly traded products from Asia. The items range from recycled accessories such as purses and jewelry to fairly traded jute totes made by marginalized women in India.

Phone: 888-549-3416

Wear Adinkra

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Wear Adinkra - earth friendly urban apparel.

Adinkra is a language of symbols by the Akan of West Africa.Adinkra is bold and beautiful in its simplicity.Adinkra is universal in its message.WEAR ADINKRA is sustainable apparel designed to empower the soul.

Phone: (336) 455-7632

Self-Help Credit Union

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Creating Ownership and Economic Opportunity

Self-Help celebrates 26 years of providing credit to underserved women, minorities, rural residents, and low-wealth families. Our CD, Money Market, and IRA accounts support our mortgage and small business lending and pay very attractive interest rates. Open a Deposit Account today. Visit to improve lives, and your bottom line.

Phone: 1-800-476-7428

Thornton Friends School

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Small, progressive Quaker college prep middle and upper school

Thornton Friends School is an intentionally small, college preparatory Quaker school in Silver Spring, Maryland. Thornton serves students in 6-12 grades who are seeking a more nurturing, creative and environmentally responsible school in which to thrive.

Phone: 301-384-6672

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100% Vegan Cakes, Cookies and Pies

1oo% Vegan Cakes, Cookies and Pies (dairy and egg-free, no animal by-products)Made With LOVENaturally Lactose and Cholesterol FreeNon-GMONo Hydrogenated OilsMost Ingredients are OrganicA Healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising flavorFor more information please call, 301-805-0007

Phone: 301-805-0007

Amity Organics-ONE Group® Independent Representative

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The world's first internationally certified organic skin, hair, b...

Introducing the worlds first internationally food-grade certified organic skin, hair, body, cosmetic, oral and nutritional products and green business opportunities!

Phone: 1-866-387-5140

Shelissa's Lip Balm Company

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Eco-friendly Lip Balm & Lip Butters

Shelissa's Lip Balm Company makes eco-friendly lip balms & lip butters and has vegan and non-vegan formulas. All our products are natural, over 65% organic, and have sun protection to protect lips from the elements.Our product brands include Lip Bomb, My Sexy Lips, Little Lips, and the all new Shelissa's Lip Butter now available in a tin.

Phone: (866) 468-2515

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Secure the Call Needs Your Used Cell Phones

Secure the Call is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization that collects used and unwanted cell phones and then redistributes them to the community for free to be used as emergency 911-only phones. Secure the Call is a coalition of over 300 organizations consisting of Police and Sheriff's Departments, Senior Citizen Centers and Battered Women's Shelters. We collect the phones and after wiping them clear of all the previous owner's information, we reset the phones to only call 911 in the case of an emergency. The phones are then given back to our coalition partners who in turn distribute them to the community. Secure the Call is an all-volunteer organization that relies solely on the generosity of the community for everything we do. We need your help. We have collection barrels that we are looking to place in permanent places. We also ask large companies, non-profit organizations, Government Agencies and Church's and Synagogues to hold a one-month collection drive on our behalf. We provide everything they need for a successful drive. Call us at 800 813-0344 to get started.

Phone: 800 813-0344

Healty"Green" Home in Sedona, Arizona

240 Crystal Sky Dr., Sedona, Arizona, Yavapai, 86351 - View Map

This home is the realization of it's creator's dream to combine all of best available home-building technology with long-lasting, top-quality, energy efficient, non-toxic materials and stunning one-of-a-kind architecture.

Phone: 928-340-6053

Core Sales Inc

5594 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4W 2K9 - View Map

100% Biodegradable & Compostable Disposables

100% Biodegradable & Compostable disposables.

Phone: 905.615.8018

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Handmade Beadwork and Handbags from Guatemala

Vida Dulce Imports strives to bring to the marketplace beautifully hand crafted items from the Guatemalan Highlands. From Hand beaded jewelry to funky and functional handbags made from the Mayan blouses. Coming soon! Cowboy boots made from recycled, hand woven huipeles!

Phone: 410.480.9978


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Your time is important. Instead of folding and taping cardboard, spend it packing and moving with Repax.

Repax delivers an innovative system of interlocking crates and dollies, specifically designed to make your move more efficient.

Call us to order a bundle of sturdy Repax crates. Pack your belongings securely with our recycled EcoWrap.

When you have moved to your new place & are done unpacking, simply Callback and the local Repax carrier will pick up the empty crates.

REPAX. A well planned move...a green move...a smart move.

Phone: 877.REPAX.44

Trees for the Future

1400 Spring Street, Suite 150, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, 20910 - View Map

Agroforestry resource center focusing on beneficial tree planting

Treesftf is an agroforestry resource center helping people in developing countries to improve their rural livelihoods through the introduction of environmentally sustainable land management projects focused on beneficial tree planting.

Phone: 301-565-0630

684 Belmont Ave West Suite 303, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2M 1N6 - View Map

Sol Mate craft brewed, certified energy beverage

The orginal organic carbonated mate beverage,letting you truly enjoy the benefits of yerba mate. Delivers calm energy, antioxidants and thirst-quenching refreshment. Sol Mate... Energy from a better place.

Phone: 519-883-1445

Miko Wheeler + Co

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Eco-friendly Kitchen, bath cabinetry, countertops, flooring & mor...

Kitchen, Bath & Beyond: Green Cabinetry & all the countertop options to go with such as Richlite, Icestone, Alkemi, Recycled Plastics, reclaimed & FSC woods. We offer paint finishes, tile, flooring, custom design/build furniture and complete design/consulting service. We are also a liscensed contractor. Servicing Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington

Phone: 410-626-0027

Red Persimmon Imports

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Fair Trade Hand Made Gifts & Accessories

Fairly Trade Hand Made Gifts and Accessories from India, Madagascar, Mexico and Bali. Handbags, Nightwear, Table and Bed Linens, Raffia Hats, Tee Shirts.

Phone: 301.676.5826

Daylight Design

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Grow light systems and self watering pots

Daylight Design is home to Sunstation grow light systems and FeetPot self watering pots.SunstationsWe use Sunstations to grow greens, micro greens and herbs year-round and to start transplants for our outdoor garden. Keeping company with healthy young plants is a real mood elevator, especially on dark winter days. Sunstations are uniquely designed to keep young plants at just the right distance from the light they need. Sunstations are meant to be "indoor companions". We have a table-top Sunstation on our kitchen counter and one on the desk in my office. We have a small free standing Sunstation next to our kitchen table and a large free standing Sunstation in the room where we spend time in the evening. FeetPot A working FeetPot is a pot with feet, wicks, self watering soil, slow release organic fertilizer and a tray with water. The wicks carry water from the tray to the soil in the pot. My wife has a green thumb and I do not. I developed FeetPots to help level the playing field. My problem with plants had always been too much water. If I saw a plant in distress I would give it water. If it was still in distress the next day, I would give it more water. In a short time the plant would be dead. If this sounds familiar, then "over watering" may be a problem for you as well. A FeetPot puts the plant in charge of it's own watering. I put water in the tray and let the plant decide when water is needed. The plant takes water from the soil in the pot. The wicks then draw water from the tray into the soil to replace what was used. If the plant uses a small amount the wicks replace a small amount. If the plant uses a large amount the wicks replace a large amount. All I need to do is make sure there is water in the tray. THIS I CAN DO and other "brown thumbs" can do as well. NOTE - FeeTPots are only meant to be used indoors.

Phone: 202-746-9292

Community Forklift - Thrift Store for Home Improvement

4671 Tanglewood Drive, Edmonston / Hyattsville, Maryland, USA, 20781 - View Map

DCs thrift store for home improvement & architectural salvage

Community Forklift is a nonprofit thrift store for home improvement supplies and architectural salvage.  We pick up donations of modern and vintage building materials throughout the DC metro region, then offer these items to the public at very low cost, and distribute free materials to civic groups and families in need.  Our mission is to lift up communities by reducing waste, creating local green jobs, and making repairs affordable.

Phone: 301-985-5180

Efficient Home, LLC

3905 National Drive, Suite 105, Burtonsville, Maryland, USA, 20866 - View Map

Home energy audits and home improvements

Efficient Home, a one-stop shop for energy efficiency consulting and improvements services, was founded by a team of experts in homebuilding, environmental inspection, building sciences and energy ratings. We saw a needhomeowners are facing huge increases in both their gas and electric energy bills. They need professional help to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable while lowering their monthly power bills and helping the environment. They need a one-stop shop that can manage the entire process of making their home an efficient home. The Efficient Home team was one of the first to be certified in the new Maryland Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor program. The partners of Efficient Home have over 60 years' collective experience in building performance, homebuilding, construction trades and environmental remediation management projects. Efficient Home is a MHIC licensed contractor (#125877); we have personnel who are HERS raters (Home Energy Raters); RESNET Certified Home Energy Raters (Residential Energy Services Network); accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) performance contractors. We are also a MD accredited Lead Inspector Contractor and MD accredited Lead Abatement Contractor.

Phone: 301-476-7680