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Perfectly Comfortable, Practically Styled EcoFashion Since 1996

Leaders in the industry for highest quality, sustainably manufactured men's and women's apparel since 1996, sumptuous comfort in practical styles to exceed expectations and improve the quality of your life. Customized promotional apparel for volume purchasing of product tested by a world class retail collection of soy, bamboo, organic cotton and hemp for all ages and occasions.

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Cafe Campesino

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Freshly brewed, Fair Trade, Organic Coffee-by-the cup!

Cafe Campesino is back again this year to serve up our artisan-roasted, Fair Trade, organic coffee by the cup at GreenFest DC. Come visit us in the Fair Trade Cafe inside the exhibition hall to get your coffee fix and learn more about Cafe Campesino.Cafe Campesino is Georgias 100% Fair Trade, organic, shade-grown coffee company, supplying coffee houses, markets, co-ops, restaurants, fundraising groups and individuals throughout the country with some of the best artisan- roasted-to-order, specialty-grade coffee available in the US. We also offer Choice Fair Trade Organic Teas, Guayaki Fair Trade Organic Yerba Mate, selected Dagoba Fair Trade Organic Chococlate products, Sweetleaf Stevia and other coffee house supplies. Café Campesino is a founding member of Cooperative Coffees and is also a member of the Fair Trade Federation, SCAA, and Co-op America.

Phone: 888-532-4728

Yana Dee

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Clothing and accessories from natural and salvaged fabrics.

Handmade in Michigan from natural and salvaged fabrics featuring plant dyed hemp and organics.

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Light of Day Organics

P.O Box 4022, Traverse City, MI, MICHIGAN, USA, 49685 - View Map

100% cert. Org. & Fair trade farm-blended Teas & Tisanes. Made

"Where the world's finest fair trade teas meet Leelanau's home-grown flowers, herbs, and fruit....blended locally; enjoyed everywhere!"100% Organic and Fair trade hand-crafted teas grown in Northern Michigan by a Registered Nurse and Horticulturalist.

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Green Home Loans

Sustainable Real Estate Financing - the leading green lending program in the nation provides lower fees and better interest rates for energy-efficient and location-efficient properties. All property types, occupancy types and doc types.

Phone: 404/771-2106

Knu: Sustainable Contemporary Furniture

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Sustainable modern home & office furnishings

Knu's unique, original designs are manufactured in Western Michigan by Industrial Woodworking Corporation (IWC), which has been producing high-quality furnishings for three of the largest office furniture manufacturers and one of the largest healthcare furniture suppliers in the United States since 1995. Designed and engineered with an unrelenting commitment to quality and sustainability, Knu furniture will become a lasting part of your environment.

Phone: 866.451.5541

The Carpet and Rug Institute

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The Source for the Facts on Carpet

The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) is the science-based source for the facts about carpet and rugs. Whether you are a homeowner, an architect, or a facility manager, making the right decisions starts with having the facts. CRI's job is to prove how your environment for living, working, learning and health is better' thanks to carpet and rugs.

Phone: 706-428-2115

Zola Goods LLC

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Eco Home Business Opportunity and Green Goods

Zola provides a chance for anyone who has ever asked, 'What can I do to help the environment?' to share an empowering message, earn a supplemental income, and initiate change in homes across the United States. Visit for eco-friendly products, and to find out how you can teach people to change the worldby shopping!

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Recyclable labels to return and recycle unwanted mail

Recycle unwanted junk mail without going further than your own mailbox using REMAILABLES Recyclable Labels. REMAILABLES self-adhesive labels are made from 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and printed with water-based ink. We also use adhesives that meet the U.S. Postal Service requirement for recycling compatibility. We are devoted to creating products using recycled materials that aim to reduce environmental impact while promoting awareness and action for a cleaner, greener Earth. All products and packaging are proudly made in the U.S.A.

EarthKey International

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Personal Sculptures created to promote Enviormental Awareness

The EarthKey is an individually hand-crafted Personal Sculpture! 'What your EarthKey unlocks is your AWARENESS of how strong, yet fragile our planet is today. Your EarthKey is made of clay and will break if mistreated or abused. Wear or carry your EarthKey as a constant reminder to treat our planet with respect. The mission of EarthKey International is to establish the EarthKey as the global symbol of Environmental AWARENESS by promoting personal understanding and commitment to our environment as the KEY to the health of Plant Earth.

Phone: 888-417-2562

Smart Glass Jewelry & EcoSkin

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Recycled Glass Jewelry & Eco-Chic Sustainable Clothing

Recycled Glass Jewelry & Eco-Chic Sustainable Clothing

Phone: 404-371-0013

Orethic LLC

560 Little Lake Drive #12, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, 48103 - View Map

Cloth pads & diapers in organically certified textiles.

Orethic LLC, a Michigan based company whose sister company in Spain has been offering sustainable products in Europe for over a decade. Their experience in clothes making goes back 70 years. The company applies creativity, high-quality and ethics to produce organically certified textile products that are not only beautiful but meet daily basic needs. Their unique Eco-pads for menstruation and incontinence help women change the way they feel about natural cycles, while making conscious consumer choices. The fabrics are tested with the new chemical safety certification MADE for HEALTH and they come in beautiful re-usable packaging which is long-lasting like the pads themselves.

Phone: 734 353 6088

Food For Thought

10704 Oviatt Road, Honor, Michigan, Organic States of America, 49640 - View Map

Premium Fair Trade, Organic, Wild-Crafted Foods

Food For Thought is making the first and only Fair Trade Certified Preserves in the Country! If this wasn't amazing enough - they also make wonderful Organic and Wild-Harvested foods that taste heavenly.

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Designer and supplier of sustainable aquaponic gardening systems

Bioponica challenges the notion of "waste". Where others see "waste water", we see "water that is rich with nutrients", "food waste" is "a liquid fertilizer source" and "yard waste" is "an abundant, bio-identical plant feed". We can't call it waste because it's useful. Visit our booth to see how to grow plants and fish in soil-less farming ecosystems.

Phone: 404-444-7121

Chelsea Bay Design

800 Cottageview Drive, Suite 315, Traverse City, Michigan, United States, 49684 - View Map

Design has the power to educate, raise awareness, and make change in the world. CBD is committed to using what we are good at for good by offering branding, design and creative consulting specifically for environmentally and socially responsible companies and organizations. By working closely with each client as part of a creative team, we can move fast, stay true, and make creative services affordable for small ventures that want to change the world for good.

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Adya, Inc.

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Adya Clarity, Water Filtration Systems & Raw Organic Superfoods

Adya water is not only water filtered and free of harmful chemicals and contaminants, it is healthy, living ionic mineral water that supports any healthy lifestyle. Give your body some living ionic mineral water the way nature intended water to be. Also check out our water filtration systems and superfoods!

Phone: 269-350-5114