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Better World Books

55740 Currant Rd., Mishawaka, Indiana, 46545 - View Map - the bookstore for a better world.

Better World Books is a different kind of online bookstore. Every book sold on is sold to help fund organizations addressing literacy on 4 continents. We have over 2 million new and used books, free shipping, and we ship every order carbon neutral.Shop on - the book store for a better world.

Phone: 800 894 0242

5726 Toad Hollow Ln, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 46220 - View Map

SunRise Solar - Let the sun cool your home

SunRise Solar makes a variety of solar powered attic ventilating fans that can be used on any style or size roof. Ventilating an attic lowers cooling costs, reduces heat and moisture in the attic, saves money and CO2 emissions, adds to the life of the roof surface and the HVAC system and because it is solar powered it costs nothing to operate and qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit. They are American made and have a 10 year warranty.

Phone: 317-201-4435

LocalFolks Foods

6330 Corporate Dr., Ste D, Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S., 46278 - View Map

regional ingredients, processed and distributed regionally

Making a conscious effort to reduce the distance our food travels before consumption. "good food, made for local folks, by local folks"

Phone: 317.727.2730