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Aihu- Essentials for Healing

5300 Farley Avenue SE, Delano, MN, USA, 55328 - View Map

Plant-based organic/anti-stress/skincare/homekeeping products

Organic aromatherapy product line encourages the restoration of balance in the body, promotion of self-healing and the enhancement of the immune system. Plant based organic/anti-stress/skincare/homekeeping products.Paraben and propylene free.

Phone: 763-972-9132


P.O. Box 7032, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55407 - View Map

Resources for conserving and reusing food storage bags

Bag-E-Wash is an innovative dishwasher accessory that allows consumers to safely and effectively wash and dry their zipper-style food storage bags in the dishwasher. One box of 30(gallon)size bags washed with Bag-E-Wash and reused 50 times each keeps 1,500 bags out of the landfills and saves $150. So don't throw, reuse them! We also carry bag dryers, BYO reusable produce bags, Bio Fresh bags and reusable grocery totes. Get a grip on your bags!

Phone: 612-532-1407

Peace Coffee

2801 21st Avenue South Suite 120, Minneapolis, MN, United States of America, 55407 - View Map

100% fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee

A cultural, social and consumable revolution with grounds firmly fixed in a farmer friendly, fair trade reality. 100% of our beans are fair trade, organic and shade grown, purchased directly from farmer-owned cooperatives around the world. Delivered locally in Minneapolis by bicycle year round.

Phone: 612 870 3440

Foat Design

1828 Marshall St NE, #11, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55418 - View Map

Independently run yogawear and recycled street apparel company

Foat Design is a small, independent business, created and run by twin sisters, Kaja and Zoë Foat. As a company, Foat Design is dedicated to making durable, functional, and stylish clothing specifically for those who want to maintain a healthy, earth-conscious lifestyle coupled with a modern, urban life. We are sweatshop free. All products are custom manufactured locally to ensure a high standard of quality, maintain the integrity of our designs, and to support the workforce of our community.

Phone: 800-658-1448

loll Designs - Outdoor Furniture For the Modern Lollygager

1325 N 59th Ave W, Duluth, MN, usa, 55807 - View Map

Loll Designs - Outdoor Furniture For the Modern Lollygager

loll creates eco-stylish outdoor furniture from 100% recycled materials.

Phone: 218.740.3387

Holy Cow

4525 Park Commons Drive, Suite 401, Saint Louis Park, MN, USA, 55416 - View Map

We're here to make incredibly great products

We have an incredible opportunity to make change on this planet with a shift in consciousness towards sustainable lifestyles. Holy Cow is a celebration of that idea. We exist to make great products, produced in great ways, that promote a shift in thinking.

Phone: 612-619-3302

Kvale Good Natured Games

771 Parkview Ave, Saint Paul, MN, USA, 55117 - View Map

Green Board Games for ages 12 and up

Eco-friendlier board games! Kvale Good Natured Games are appealing to green and mainstream folks alike. Easy, creative, and most often hilarious, they are a great addition for traditional board game enthusiasts' parties. Beyond the main focus of being fun, the games are also recognized as a valuable tool by many educators of middle and high school students.The company is green through its strong attention to the use of 100% recycled papers, recycled wood tokens, soy-based inks, non-toxic pencils, etc. An eco audit for material use is on each box as well as the web site. While many other board games are produced overseas under questionable standards, Good Natured Games brand is instead manufactured in the U.S. and uses contractual work to help support disadvantaged people. This family-owned business' first product is Head1Liners, a game in which you literally write the news headlines. From a deep collection of globally-sourced photographs, players will write a newspaper headline. The game involves creative writing and observation, and also has interesting challenges for all levels of players.These games are truly fun. And you can also feel good that you are choosing a responsibly made product.

Phone: 651.204.6781

North House Folk School

PO Box 759 - 500 West Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN, United States, 55604 - View Map

Hands-on learning inspired by traditional northern crafts

In the "high tech, low touch" world of today, North House Folk School is an intriguing "high touch, low tech" alternative. Traditional crafts of the northern hemisphere, combined with the stories and rich cultural history of its indigenous people, are the medium for providing creative and meaningful experiences for individuals, families and groups. North House is inspired by Scandinavian 'folkeshoskoles,' developed in Denmark during the mid-1800's; life-long skills and traditions shared in a non-competitive environment are the foundation of the folk school concept. North House's mission is to "enrich lives and build community through the teaching of traditional northern crafts."

Phone: 218-387-9762

Naturally Bamboo

625 Byron St., Mankato, MN, USA, 56001 - View Map

Men's and Women's Bamboo and Organic Cotton Clothing

Manufacturer of bamboo clothing for men and women. Socially and environmentally responsible company now proudly made in Minnesota.

Phone: 1-800-987-3309

French Meadow Bakery

2604 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55408 - View Map

Delicious Organic Hemp Brownies & Rolls

French Meadow Bakery is committed to baking the most nutritious and best tasting breads, rolls, bagels, tortillas and sweet goods,while supporting organic farms. We use only certified organic grains that are grown in balance and harmony with nature, which sustains the health of our bodies and the health of our planet.

Phone: 612-870-4740

Renewing the Countryside - Green Routes

2105 First Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55404 - View Map

Resources to make your rural life a reality. Green travel.

Renewing the Countryside strengthens rural areas by championing and supporting rural communities, farmers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators, activists and other people who are renewing the countryside through sustainable and innovative initiatives, businesses, and projects. By sharing stories of rural renewal, Renewing the Countryside builds awareness and support for sustainable endeavors, connects people interested in sustainable rural development to each other, provides practical assistance and networking opportunities for those working to improve rural America, and fosters connections between urban and rural people. Where culture, cuisine and conservation come together, Renewing the Countryside's GREEN ROUTES program is an easy-to-use website-based tool to help "green travelers" find one-of-a-kind places to eat, play, shop, sleep, and learn in Minnesota (eventually throughout the U.S.).

Phone: 866-378-0587

2916 e lake st, mpls, mn, 55406 - View Map

Progressive issues, mail order catalog business

progressive issues, mail order catalog business

Phone: 612 729 2001

Swheat Scoop

1421 Richwood Road, Detroit Lakes, MN, USA, 56501 - View Map

A natural clumping litter that stops odors instantly/tracks less

Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter is made from only 100% natural, whole grain non-food grade Midwest wheat which provides outstanding deodorizing power. It's clay free, chemical free, fragrance free and biodegradable. For use with cats,kittens, birds, ferrets, rabbits and other small animals.

Phone: 800-794-3287

Pet Care Systems

PO Box 1529, Detroit Lakes, MN, USA, 56501 - View Map

Manufacturer of Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter

Manufacturer of Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter

Phone: 218-846-9610

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

PO Box 373, Pelican Rapids, MN, United States, 56572 - View Map

Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

LOGIX is the only fully integrated insulated concrete form (ICF) system that offers choice of panelthickness, core thickness and web type. LOGIX is also the easiest ICF product to install, delivering moreprofit and less pressure to the construction team.LOGIX is the leading ICF in North America. By providing a wall system that is more energy efficient,stronger, more sound resistant and more environmentally sustainable than virtually any otherconstruction method, LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms make it easy to build green.

Phone: 877-823-0625

Red Moon Custom Pet Food

1348 State Highway 25, Brainerd, MN, USA, 56401 - View Map

Customized Pet Food Delivered to your Door

Increasing incidents of food allergies and pet food recalls were all signs that it was far past time to provide dog and cat owners with a responsible, ethical and high quality pet food. We at RedMoon decided to respond to that need and created a completely new concept - a fully customizable pet food where the owner selects the ingredients best for their pet. We've taken that concept one step further by only using fresh produce, lots of real meat and exclusive supplements. RedMoon Custom Pet Food is truly unlike any other pet food available today.

Phone: 1.403.830.6530

PO Box 18323, Minneapolis, MN, USA, 55418 - View Map

Hand-crafted, fairtrade certified goods from a women's coop in Ghana

Global Mamas enhances the international marketplace with unique, high quality, African-made products, and at the same time provides sustainable livelihoods for women in Africa. Our producers use methods that are traditional arts which have been passed down through generations.

Phone: 800-338-3032

Esse Reusable Bags

1473 Blair Ave, St Paul, MN, USA, 55104 - View Map

A complete line of reusable bags that fit neatly in one tote.

High Quality, machine washable reusable bags made with up to 50% recycled PET (plastic bottles!). Esse Bags replace paper, plastic AND produce bags and all fold small and fit neatly inside our unique CarryAll Tote. Making a difference just got a little easier... and a lot more stylish!

Phone: 612-239-0699

Purple Prairie Botanicals

21515 19th Ave East, Clearwater, MN, USA, 55320 - View Map

Artisan, cruelty free body care. Divine Harmony for Skin & Soul.

Artisan, cruelty free bodycare essentials made in small batches with the finest nurturing, organic ingredients, herbal infusions & pure essential oils which restore divine harmony to skin & soul. We cater to all skin types including the most sensitive skin! No Petroleum, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Artificial Preservatives, Animal Ingredients, Detergents, Sulfates or GMOs.

Phone: 320-558-9010