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Consumer Reports' Greener Choices

101 Truman Avenue, Yonkers, New York, USA, 10703 - View Map

Greener lifestyle advice from the publisher of Consumer Reports

Reliable and practical advice on choosing more environmentally sound products, and making healthier lifestyle choices, from the publisher of Consumer Reports.

Phone: 914-378-2000

JaDecor Natural Wallcoverings

PO Box 269, Springfield, NE, USA, 68059 - View Map

Elegant natural cotton wallcoverings

JaDecor is an elegant cotton wallcovering that is troweled on the wall by certified installers. With unlimited design options, JaDecor has acoustic and thermal value, and is seamless and repairable for its lifetime.

Phone: 888-677-3642

Real Green Goods

5 Shaw Divide, Bow, New Hampshire, USA, 3304 - View Map

REAL GREEN GOODS is an earthfriendly department store.

REAL GREEN GOODS is an earth-friendly department store with the highest standards in eco-friendly products with the lowest impact to the earth and its inhabitants. Real feel good shopping because we've done the homework. We are dedicated to selling organic products, and Fair Trade and U.S. made items. All of our textile and fiber products are either certified organic or are naturally pesticide free. All paper products are 100% post-consumer recycled or tree free. All wood is either sustainable or reclaimed. Chicago's Green Festival will be the kick off to the grand opening of our online store. We will have lots of products for you to see and buy, and all types of clothing for men and women for sale. We have an amazing selection of organic t-shirts with never seen before slogans. We will also have light bulbs for sale too. Also on hand will be Heidi's Plant Pep and Heidi Herzberger, Master Herbalist and Gardener, to answer your questions. Stop by Booth 4048, check us out and receive a store coupon for discounts for online purchasing. We will also be raffling two organic gift totes each day. Come and sign up. We have new and different products. You won't be disappointed with our Real Green Goods.

Phone: 1-603-224-9700

Mr. Ellie Pooh

220 36th Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11232 - View Map

Fair trade co. providing unique items comprised of elephant poo!

It's true, all made out of poo! Pulped to perfection by the elephants of Sri Lanka. Stationery, cards, green gifts and more. "Conservation through Innovation"

Phone: 701-746-1489

E+Co - Energy Cures

383 Franklin Street, Bloomfield, New Jersey, USA, 7003 - View Map

Energy Cures: End Poverty & Protect the Planet

E+Co's mission is to empower local small amd medium businesses that supply clean, modern and affordable energy to households, businesses and communities in developing countries. It provides business development support and investment to entrepreneurs. Since E+Co's inception, it has mobilized over $150 million for clean energy enterprises. These enterprises are providing energy to over 3.6 million people and offsetting over 2 million tons of CO2 annually. E+Co's Energy Cures campaign is a grassroots movement to support clean energy businesses.

Phone: 1-973-680-9100

523 West Cordova Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 87505 - View Map

sumptuous sleeping pillows, yoga and meditation cushions

Sachi Organics produces a line of sumptuous sleeping pillows in organic cotton, eco wool, kapok and buckwheat hulls. We also manufacture yoga and meditation cushions in our family owned business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Phone: 877.997.2244

Nature's Variety

6200 N. 56th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, 68504 - View Map

Holistic complete and balanced diets for your pets

Manufacture of Holistic Pet foodComplete and balanced diets:Raw Frozen, Kibble, Canned and treatsfor all life stages and all breeds

Phone: 1.888.519.7387

34 Danforth Street, Portland, Maine, USA, 4101 - View Map

Empowering the progressive community., founded in 1997, is one of the original Internet-based organizations to provide breaking news and views for the progressive community. Our audience includes hundreds of thousands of citizens and grassroots activists seeking the best news and opinions relating to environmental issues and social justice and reform. We are a nonprofit, progressive, independent and nonpartisan organization supported by our readers. No advertising. No corporate money. No hidden agendas.

Phone: 207.775.0488

Satya Magazine

539 1st Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA, 11215 - View Map

Environmentalism, Animal Advocacy, and Social Justice Magazine

Satya is a monthly magazine that focuses on animal advocacy, environmentalism, social justice and vegetarianism. Satya means truth in Sanskrit, and is derived from and inspired by Mohandas Gandhis nonviolent Satyagraha or truth action movement for social change. Now in its twelfth year, Satya Magazine is committed to continuing Gandhis legacy by increasing dialogue among activists from diverse backgrounds and engaging readers in ways to integrate compassion into their daily lives.

Phone: 718-832-9557

Soma's Nest

571 S. Highland, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S, , 38111 - View Map

hand-loomed scarves shawls organic cashmere silk cotton linen

Soma's Nest specializes in exquisite scarves and textiles from the Himalayas. Through our dedication to the ancient crafts we have been able to sustain some of the last looms of Nepalese homespun cotton. Our scarves are woven using the finest natural fibers by respected and supported artisans. You will experience some of natures most luxurious gifts in our cashmere, silk and linen wraps.

Phone: 901 674 4600

Institute for Humane Education

P.O. Box 260, SURRY, MAINE, USA, 4684 - View Map

Creating a humane world through humane education

The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational organization dedicated to creating a humane world through humane educationThe Institute for Humane Education envisions a world in which people dlive humanely, sustainably, and peaceably. To create this change, IHE trains people to be humane educators, advances the field of humane education, and provides tools and inspiration for living an examined, meaningful life.The Institute for Humane Education:* Has been training humane educators and promoting comprehensive humane education since 1996.* Created the first humane education training and certificate program in the U.S.* Affiliated with Cambridge College to offer the first M.Ed. in humane education in the U.S. It remains a unique program to this day.* Has trained hundreds of humane educators reaching thousands of students.* Has reached hundreds of thousands of people and communities worldwide through our distance-learning certificate and degree programs, workshops, presentations, publications and website.Our world faces a host of pervasive, dangerous, and seemingly intractable problems. Many people are working toward solutions. Some create positive change through policy and politics, others through business and technology, and others through direct action and public campaigns. Some work on behalf of other people, some on behalf of nonhuman animals, and some on behalf of the environment.The Institute for Humane Education (IHE) works to create lasting, positive change for all through education. IHE believes that in order to build a peaceful, sustainable, and humane world, we need everyone to receive humane education. We need people:* to know what is actually happening on our planet, to other people, to other species, and to the ecosystems that sustain us all.* to experience reverence, respect, and a sense of responsibility for others and for the natural world.* to know how to think critically and creatively and to evaluate all information intelligently.* to appreciate that their lives have the capacity to make a difference through their individual choices, their work, and their activism.* to have the passion and tools to successfully solve problems.If this kind of education were offered to every child, teenager, college student, and adult, we would create a generation with the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to make sane and humane choices for the future. We need every teacher to be a humane educator, incorporating relevant issues into their curricula, and we need every institute of learning to offer humane education to its students to prepare them to be contributing global citizens.If each of us were exposed to humane education, we would all be able to apply our knowledge, skills, and passions toward exciting, innovative, and meaningful change. That is the power and promise of humane education, and it is our goal at IHE to make such a vision a reality.

Phone: (207) 667-1025

Caribbean Liquid Sugar Global Services, LLC

81 Doncaster Trail, Rochester, New york, USA, 14586 - View Map

Natural and Organics Liquid Sweeteners

Caribbean Liquid Sugar is an enterprise founded in 2006 as the first company in the Dominican Republic dedicated to the production and marketing of specialty Natural and Organic Liquid Sweeteners. We serve internationally industrial customers for bulk quantities as well as distributors and supermarkets for consumer size products.

Phone: 585-754-0955

69-20 66th Road, Middle Village, New York, United States of America, 11379 - View Map

Premium chocolate with fair trade and organic ingredients.

Enjoy great chocolate, help children, and provide clear water with each bite of Travel Chocolate (TM) products. Premium chocolate with fair trade and organic ingredients. Regular donations to children and environmental groups. And don't forget to look at our wrappers for world travel photos and tips.

Phone: 718-326-4256

Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability

30 Campus Rd., Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, United States, 12504 - View Map

MBA in Sustainability & MS in Climate Science/Environment Policy

Providing leadership training to face today's profound environmental and social challenges, Bard's Graduate Programs in Sustainability offer qualified students the chance to realize their calling to change the world. Our Center for Environmental Policy and MBA in Sustainability both integrate cutting edge interdisciplinary curricula, professional training, and leadership skill building. We are now accepting applications for Fall 2013 for the following degree programs: MS in Environmental Policy MS in Climate Science and Policy MBA in Sustainability

Phone: 8457587388

Natura Pet Products, Inc.

2779 Rademakers Way, Freemont, NE, USA, 68025 - View Map

The World's Healthiest Pet Foods

No pet food company in the world makes natural pet foods like Natura. We use only high-quality ingredients: fresh meats, whole grains, all-natural fruits and vegetables, and complete vitamin and mineral supplements. For us humans, a diet of natural, wholesome food is essential to living a long healthy life. We believe this fundamental principle is true for your pet, too.

Phone: (800) 532-7261

211 Thompson Street, New York, New York, USA, 10012 - View Map

Eco-Friendly Auction, Classified and Swap Website for Green Goods...

Big Green Cart is the first eco-friendly auction, classified and swap website for Green goods and services. Users are welcome to buy, sell and exchange any new Organic, Environmentally-Friendly, Sustainable, or Recycled product on BGC, as well as any item that is pre-used and can be auctioned, sold or traded to other Green thinkers.

Phone: 877 BGC 2425

First World Trash

11-21 31st. drive, long island city, new york, usa, 11106 - View Map

reMade in america

Our bags are born in the junkyards of America, where we salvage seatbelts from old cars and rescue billboards before they are thrown into landfills. All materials are then deep cleaned, cut and polished in preparation for stitching. Each bag is individually designed and crafted by first world trash owner and designer, Jenelle Malbrough, in her apartment, in Queens, NY. All bags are tear proof, water resistant and built to last.

Phone: 504-202-8878