New York City Preview Guide

Greening Practices

A Highly Diverting Festival

Working our way to a BIG Zero!

Our amazing crew of staff and volunteers work hard to make Green Festival sustainable. As we work toward a truly zero waste event, our diversion percentage has climbed over the last ten years, culminating in a 99.3% diversion at our Seattle Festival in Spring, 2011, where only 80 pounds went to a landfill.

Our 2011 Fall San Francisco Green Festival achieved a 94% diversion rate.

Since Green Festival's inception, thanks to our amazing crew of dedicated volunteers working hard with staff:

  • Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been diverted from landfills:
  • Plastics, aluminum, glass, mixed paper and cardboard, electronic waste, foil-lined wrappers
  • (recycled by Tetracycle), bottle caps (recycled by Aveda) compost and greywater.
  • Thousands of pounds of fresh, rich, organic soil has been produced, composted by local agencies.
  • Many valuable resources, like metal and wood, have been recovered and hundreds of pounds of left-over food from the Festival has been donated local rescue organizations and/or volunteers.
  • Thousands of attendees have been educated about eco-product alternatives, composting and landfill diversion.

If this is your first visit to a Green Festival, here's what you need to know to help us on to our goal of a zero-waste event:

  • Resource Recovery Centers are placed throughout the event floor, each station staffed with a trained volunteer to answer your greening questions.
  • All food vendors and samplers use ONLY biodegradable/compostable foodwares and utensils - every plate, fork, spoon, knife, cup, bowl, napkin, coffee stirrer and sample cup will be composted with food scraps.
  • All signs are either part of the permanent collection, printed on renewable forest byproducts using water-based inks, or they are recycled or donated.
  • More than 350 volunteers work to ensure high-quality green standards. Like our friend above, they get into it! [picture of volunteer in blue hanging off dumpster]
  • We offset all green-house gas emissions including freight and travel.
  • We work closely with our exhibitors to help them be as green as possible.

What you can do at Green Festival to help:

  • Bring your own water bottle, plate and utensils.
  • Bring old cell phones, batteries and e-waste to recycle.
  • Compost all foodware at the event at a Resource Recovery Station.
  • Take only the handouts you'll read and recycle them.
  • Ride your bike! Take the bus! Get $5 off admission.
  • Spread the message – sustainable living is possible!
  • Be sure to thank our volunteers.
  • Gotta drive? Carpool!