Host Committee

San Francisco

The San Francisco Host committee is made up of members representing local community leaders, business owners, NGO directors and advocates of sustainability and social justice. They provide vision, direction, recommendations and assistance in all aspects of Green Festival.

Thank you to our incredible San Francisco Host Committee whose dedication and hard work has helped craft a memorable event:


Anna Ghosh, Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Christine Koncal, Marketing Consultant
Curt Yagi, Executive Director of Real Options for City Kids & Band Leader of Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me
Clark Crowdus, Marketing Consultant
Mark Britschgi, Green Advocate
Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange
Julia Kim Rising, Sun Energy
Jennifer Wohlfrom, Rising Sun Energy
Jennifer Thompson, Sustainable Silicon Valley Org
Marina Patton, Domenico Winery
Dominick Chirichillo, Domenico Winery
Molly McCobb, Rising Sun Energy
Sarah Egerman, US Green Building Council
Marianna Grossman, Sustainable Silicon Valley Organization
Tam Phung, Green Star Hub
Jeff Capaccio, Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council
Zandra Buchelli, Green Architect Consultant
Sumati Stewart, HP Snapfish
Carol High, Green and Water Advocate
Tiffany Abend, Sustainability Professional