Green Festival Speakers

Britta Aragon



Britta Aragon, natural beauty expert, cancer survivor, author and creator of CV Skinlabs, has spent over 13 years in the beauty industry, with much of that time focused on increasing awareness of potentially harmful toxins. While caring for her father during his cancer battle, she was shocked to find most cosmetic products laden with irritating and even dangerous chemicals. Dedicating her work to his legacy, she founded The Cinco Vidas blog, a robust information source creating awareness about toxins in everyday products. Britta’s book, When Cancer Hits, serves as a helpful guide for the newly diagnosed, and CV Skinlabs® offers safe, effective, natural and organic products to help soothe, repair and restore radiance to sensitive skin. Britta’s work has been featured in Organic Spa Magazine, People En Espanol, US Weekly, Telemundo 52, Real Simple Magazine, Crazy Sexy Life and more. She lectures around the country on personal detox.