Green Festival Speakers

Arlene Jones

Arlene Jones is a native Chicagoan, a product of both public housing and the Public Schools. She attended UIC where she majored in Spanish and minored in education. She has a diploma in Computer Programming. She has worked in the insurance industry for over thirty years. She is currently the featured columnist for the Austin Weekly News where her column has earned her two Illinois Press Association award. Arlene Jones has lived on the west side of Chicago for over twenty years since purchasing a home in Austin. Over those years she has worked with a variety of community groups, including her block club, serving as the president of the Lafollette Park Advisory Council, Secretary to the 25th District Housing Subcommittee, WVON 1690 Volunteer and too many others to name. Arlene is a distinguished author, with her first novel Billion Dollar Winner winning an award from the African-American Arts Alliance of Chicago. She has completed two other books that will be published shortly. She is currently working on a her fourth novel. Arlene has been practicing being “green” all of her life and is proud to have instilled that idea in her two children, Alessandra and Austin. Her hobbies includes sewing, woodworking, home remodeling, gardening, art collecting, cooking and reading.