Green Festival Speakers

Isabelle Aspera


I am a post genre mixed media artist, attending the California College of the Arts. I have been living in Oakland for the past five years, and graduated high school from Oakland High through the Visual Arts Magnet Program (VAAMP). VAAMP taught me to always give back to the community through art.

I joined a college program called College Track, which helps students create a set class course for all high school classes, after school programs, and tutoring so that we are are able to afford and qualify for college. College Track requires several hours of community service, tutoring, and student life workshops.

During high school I got involved with several community oriented groups like Hood Games, Peace Jam, and W.O.M.E. Hood Games is a Skateboarding block party event that partakes through out Oakland. We supply skate ramps, skate equipment that is raffled and given out for free, and entertainment to the community. All funding goes to the Town Park skate park construction and for future Hood Games events. I usually do live painting and assistance at the Hood Games events.

Peace Jam is an event where noble peace prize winners and youth groups get together to help find a solution to home town issues. We meet, enlighten our selves from our Peace Prize winners knowledge, brain storm, and create a plan for when we get back home. Our Peace Jam group is still in the process of completing a mural on the walls of Oakland High.

Recently, I became active with Worriers of Mother Earth (W.O.M.E) and the Community Rejuvenation Project this past summer. We completed four murals in four weeks and a block party to celebrate completing each mural. During the four weeks of the Community Rejuvenation Project I was introduced to the Youth Green Media Center. It was created by a small group of elders and youth from the bottom up. Our goal is to complete a center that included a dance studio, video recording green screen, recording studio, and a place for green organizations to have a stationary office. All youth are welcome to come get training in jobs and talents to succeed.