Green Festival Speakers

Gabriel Avenna


Born and raised in California, Gabriel Avenna 's lifelong respect for the planet has been forged by the ecological wonder and abundant biodiversity of America’s 31st State. Avenna is passionately dedicated to supporting the efforts of young activists and future leaders. As an educator, organic gardener, and long-time member of the learning community at Environmental Charter High School (ECHS) in Lawndale, Gabriel has guided many young scholars to become better stewards of the planet, and active in addressing local and global environmental issues. Avenna has taught a range of environmentally oriented classes including: Environmental Technology, Gardening and Sustainability, and the Green Ambassador courses at Environmental Charter (for which ECHS received California State recognition in 2008 for outstanding achievement in service-learning). Avenna also offers freelance consulting services in organic gardening and home composting, and he believes that it is possible to attain long-term ecological balance, ensuring a sustainable future for all.