Green Festival Speakers

Brian Ball


Brian Ball is an expert “media-phile” and talks of harnessing the power of the web-based tools and social media to increase brand-awareness, cultivate organic discussion and excite newcomers. He will share equal parts wit, knowledge and skill derived from his 5+ year experience in working with AudioAcrobat®, a web-based audio/video/podcasting solution providing streaming/downloadable content to the world since 2004, which will focus on creating high quality audio/video content, making sure your message is reaching the right audience, and how to nurture the online relationships which naturally ‘sprout up’ along the way. Brian also brings to this year’s Green Festival 5+ years experience as Director of Music and Talent for WomensRadio, an online radio network showcasing AudioAcrobat®'s versatile enterprise capabilities, where he has worked directly with (and hacked together) many different solutions for broadcasting audio and video on the web and through the vast wonderland of social networks.