Green Festival Speakers

April Banks


April Banks loves chocolate. Period. She's something like a "chocolate lover-protestor-confectioner-documentarian-visual artist-lecturer." In 2002, April's life long love affair with chocolate was blind-sided by the information that child slave labor and other human rights abuses are regular practices in the growth, production and trading of chocolate. Heartbroken and confused she set out to understand it all first-hand. In 2004, she visited her first cacao farm in Ghana, and has been making conceptual art about it ever since. Although her chocolate consumption is a fraction of what it used to be, she still loves the food of the gods. Her obsession has lead her around the world to cacao farms in Ghana and Cuba to a major chocolate factory in Brazil. She has given lectures on the rights of farmers and on camel milk chocolate in Dubai, the commodities trading floor of the New York Board of Trade and in art galleries in San Francisco. She's developed a line of fair trade bars with a small confectioner and designed t-shirts and greeting cards about her personal conflicts as a chocolate lover. All for the bittersweet love of chocolate.