Green Festival Speakers

Silvia Barretto


Born in Brazil in 1952, Barretto studied at the School of Communication and at the School of Languages and Literature at the University of Sao Paulo. Barretto is a publisher and worked for Pergamon Press and Cia Melhoramentos. Barretto is also an author of children's books about animals. When Barretto became a mother, she shifted her activities to her father's farm, dedicating herself to beekeeping and cheese making.

Beekeeping brought to her attention, the effects of conventional agriculture and Barretto started setting up organic vegetable gardens. Since 1991, her family has thrived with the growth of the organic food market in the USA and the immense availability of products that can now be easily found.

Barretto is also involved with environmental organizations which focus on the future and health of the planet. When she inherited her father's farm, Barretto brought her consumer point of view into her new role as a producer. Barretto also connected her activism as a environmentalist with organic agriculture. Barretto's deep conviction that change starts from within motivated her to create yoga and other retreats at the farm, such as raw food, Reiki, organic agriculture, Apitherapy, weaving and paper making with fibers from banana trees. These retreats act the bridge that keep her second country, the USA, connected to her native country, Brazil. Silvia wants her farm to be a second home to all her American friends.