Green Festival Speakers

Dave Batker


David Batker, founder and Executive Director of Earth Economics, grew up in Washington State with a deep appreciation for the environment and economy. In 1998, David created Earth Economics which is dedicated to using the principles of ecological economics for a transition to a sustainable, equitable and efficient economy. David completed an MS in economics under Herman Daly, one of the world's foremost ecological economists. Specializing in forest policy, trade and international finance, he worked for Greenpeace International in over 25 countries. David has given presentations at UN agencies, the WTO, World Bank and other fora. He has provided over 100 trainings for environmental groups in ecological economics a nd has worked extensively in the Northwest on conservation and economic analysis. He has introduced ecosystem service valuation to agencies, cities, counties, state agencies, private firms and citizens in the Puget Sound region. David has recently completed ecosystem service valuation studies for Seattle Public Utilities, King County (Washington State), in Palawan, Philippines, the Ecuadorian Amazon, for the Puget Sound Basin, Coast of Oregon. And the Lower Mississippi Delta. He is currently working on game changing policies with FEMA and GASB.