Green Festival Speakers

Bill Becker



Drawing on over 25 years experience in industrial design and renewable energy engineering, Becker discovered a unique way to utilize wind power in locations previously unavailable. In the 1990s he began the development of an urban wind generator he calls the Aeroturbine which is now at the center of his effort with Aerotecture International, Inc. (AI). AI is an Illinois corporation working on all forms of renewable energy and centered on urban wind power.

Beckers most important influences have come from R. Buckminster Fuller; his research as professor of industrial design at University of IllinoisChicago; and his years of collaboration with architects exploring solar thermal and solar electric design applications.
As part of an Evanstonbased volunteer group, Becker cooperatively designed and erected the first successful urban wind generator in the US. He also helped found the Center for Neighborhood Technology in Chicago, and coordinated the design and construction of five solar heated greenhouses/solaria located throughout the city. As a product development engineer with SunWize Inc, he collaborated with CEO Richard Lewandowski in the design and development of over twenty solar electric projects and products. SunWize is now one of the most successful renewable energy companies in North America.

As CEO at AI, Becker has led an innovative team that has established AI Aeroturbines from San Francisco to New Jersey and is now planning manufacturing in India and China to complement production in Chicago. Locals in Chicago can see his largest project to date, a multifamily residential building with eight rooftop Aeroturbines developed with the international architect Helmut Jahn.

Please see www.aerotecture.com. Becker can be reached through his email info@aerotecture.com, or by phone at 3128293240.