Green Festival Speakers

Utuma Belfrey


Utuma Belfrey’s community background is in outreach, having spent over 15 years organizing and helping on various efforts as a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW); the Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee; an outreach coordinator with solar non-profit Grid Alternatives and UCSF; and as a student of Labor studies. She is an electrician by trade, and has been a proud member of IBEW Local number 6 for the past 12 years. She’s certified in many areas of the green and sustainable building sector. For example, she holds a certification as a green point rater, home energy rater and a sustainable building advisor. She also holds a certification in photovoltaic from IBEW. She was appointed by Mayor Newsom to the Citizen's Advisory Committee of Hunter’s Point Shipyard and has served for five years. Mayor Ed Lee recently appointed her to the San Francisco Renewable Energy Taskforce, and she has also recently been appointed as a commissioner to the Citizen's Community Development Block Grant. Her policy background is in workforce development and renewable energy, having spent the past four years as a construction job retention specialist for the Port Of Oakland Social Justice Committee retention project, which tracks the outcomes of individuals participating in Port job initiatives. She has also spent the past year helping to initiate and implement the recently passed Mandatory Local Hire legislation in San Francisco. She is a watchful eye, helping to ensure the investment of CDBG funds is put to the best use by encouraging better outcomes and performance from CBOs, and working with them to help them do their job better.