Green Festival Speakers

Shannon Biggs


Shannon Biggs directs Global Exchange’s Community Rights program. She works to assist communities confronted by corporate (and state) harms in organizing in a new way that enables communities to enact binding laws that place the rights of communities and nature above the claimed legal "rights" of corporations. She is also a national lecturer of Democracy Schools, which teaches this new organizing model. She speaks across the country on the importance and power of grassroots activism to create systemic change, as well as on grassroots fundraising. She coauthored the book Building the Green Economy: Success Stories from the Grassroots (Polipoint Press, Fall 2007). Previously, she was a senior staffer and editor at International Forum on Globalization, and a Lecturer in International Relations at San Francisco State University. Shannon holds a Masters in Economics/Politics of Empire from the London School of Economics, and has a BS in International Relations from San Francisco State University.