Green Festival Speakers

Adam Black


The twin interests of sustainability and the realities of human nature interested Adam from an early age. After studying Biotechnology in London he worked in over 18 countries on the production side of the film business, setting up desert camps in Jordan, and managing huge projects and teams from India to Argentina. After twenty years in film he took the plunge and blended his film work with his passion as a scuba diving instructor, emigrated to Australia to produce marine Natural history documentaries with the hope of saving these fragile ecosystems - a work still in progress.

Having lived on a number of co-housing projects and communities he developed economically and environmentally sustainable projects such as collaborative strawbale house building micro-communities, he came to New York in 2005 founding SustainabiliTV.com, producers of The Business Case for Sustainability.

In 2009 Adam founded KeyWifi.com a web company that enables better use of internet bandwidth through collaborative consumption but enables the costs of access to be reduced for everyone with significant ramifications for sustainability and creating opportunities low income families and the developing world. Adam is also The Founder of Shared Squared a NY group of peer 2 peer and sharing organizations that are aligning to develop the shared economy in NY. He lives with his wife and young son in Brooklyn, NY.