Green Festival Speakers

Jack Blackfelt


Jack Blackfelt has abandoned the fast life of hardcore and self-gratification to find a path to peace which allows for questioning the road signs on the way. He has kept a steady meditation practice since 2004 and is a self-teaching student of Buddhism in the Threravada / Insight Meditation Community tradition. Though not formally trained as a dharma teacher, he has received some tutelage in New York City from Josh Korda of Dharma Punx NYC. He co-facilitated that group's monthly "dedicated practitioners class" for a year after returning from a three-week pilgrimage to the historical Buddhist sites Northern India. He has led DC Rebel Dharma Punx here in Washington since June of last year, after moving here from New York. Centering on the relationship between mind and the body, and utilizing the teachings of the Buddha in a contemporary context, he hopes to offer a radically beneficial way of engaging with life's complexities where they start - in our relation to them.