Green Festival Speakers

Virginia Bonofiglio



Virginia Bonofiglio began her career in the fragrance industry over 30 years ago, at Givaudan, where she trained in perfumery.  Subsequently she held positions at Monsanto Flavor/ Essense, BBA, Florasynth, and Felton Worldwide where she developed and evaluated fragrances for a wide variety of products from personal care, to household, to fine fragrances. Her expertise extended beyond perfumery into fragrance evaluation, marketing support for sales and fragrance development, and management of the fragrance division of a flavor and fragrance company

For over 15 years Virginia has been an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she managed the on-campus Fragrance Studio and developed specialized curriculum for the CFM department.  Today she is the Chairperson of the Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing Department, the only B.S. degree program in the in this field in the U.S.