Green Festival Speakers

Jane Brunt



Dr. Brunt graduated from Kansas State University with the intent of pursuing an "All Creatures Great and Small" career. Over the years her interests transitioned from farm to feline, and she started the first feline-exclusive veterinary practice in Maryland, Cat Hospital At Towson ("CHAT" is French for cat). She  has served in leadership roles of many local, state and national organizations, and since 2008 she has been serving as Executive Director to CATalyst Council, a coalition of veterinary organizations, shelter professionals, commercial groups, members of the media and other stakeholders. The CATalyst mission is "to ensure that all cats are valued and cared for as pets," and the Council has developed many user-friendly resources for cat-friendliness.

For more information, visit http://catdoc.com" target="_blank">http://catdoc.com/">http://catdoc.com and http://catalystcouncil.org.

" target="_blank">http://catalystcouncil.org/">http://catalystcouncil.org.