Green Festival Speakers

Elly Bundenzahl


Elly incorporates a holistic and technical approach to building science, conservation programs and sustainable development advocacy. As a Project Associate at O’Brien & Company, she provides technical assistance, performance testing and project management on numerous Northwest Energy Star and LEED for Homes residential projects. Elly contributes LEED project assistance and charrette facilitation for commercial projects, and frequently assists with curriculum development related to green building, trades training and green jobs. Elly also currently serves on the Regional Board of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. in 2007. Since then Undriving has licensed over 5,000 Undrivers of all ages, and is replicating its successful program that changes the way people think about getting around.


rowing and gaining corporate attention quickly. She started her fair trade career after traveling extensively through Central America and after working on community deve lopment projects in Nicaragua and Guatemala. She has held a nominated position on the Fair Trade Federation Board as well as the FTF Screening Committee. She currently sits on the Board of Directors of Fundacion Tradiciones Mayas, a Guatemala foundation that provides social service and scholarships through the production of Fair Trade crafts.