Green Festival Speakers

Robert Burns



Burns, owner of Envision Homes since 2000, has been a sustainable builder for 20 years. As the father of two children, Burns is passionate about protecting and respecting the environment and the well being of future generations by teaching and practicing sensible and sustainable living and building. As a longtime supporter of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild, Burns communicates sustainable building in terms of personal and environmental impact as well as its financial benefits. As guest lecturer for the North Seattle Community College, Burns helps emerging Real Estate Professionals understand sustainable building sciences and it's benefits. Burns personal residence is a model of resource and energy efficiency, featuring extensive use of salvaged and recycled content materials, rainwater harvesting system, green roofs, low toxic finishes and smart heating and ventilation. This West Seattle home has been the location of several sustainability educational tours for the North Seattle Community College, the Seattle Art Institute and for Green Home Tours and was featured in the 2009 Northwest EcoBuilding Guilds' 10x10x10 showcase of sustainable buildings.