Green Festival Speakers

Helen Cameron



Helen Cameron is co-owner of Uncommon Ground in Wrigleyville and Uncommon Ground on Devon in Edgewater, the “Greenest Restaurants in America” as certified by the Green Restaurant Association. Uncommon Ground has been operating for 20 years as a community-based restaurant committed to supporting local farmers and purchasing as locally and sustainably as possible, giving guests a high quality dining experience at a relatively affordable price, and educating guests on the importance of a thriving, healthy local food system. Both restaurants have achieved 4-star certification with the Green Restaurant Association and provide examples of successfully integrating sustainability with the bottom line. Cameron's commitment to Urban Agriculture is manifest in the newer location on Devon, which supports the Country’s first certified Organic Roof Top Farm. The 20 year old Clark location is home to a newly built micro-farm of 40 earthboxes bordering the outdoor café. For more information, visit www.uncommonground.com

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