Green Festival Speakers

Paul Camner



Paul Camner has spent 20 years in the Barter and Private Currency Industry. His experience ranges from fortune 500 trades to building local community currency’s. He has joined forces with Gets Trading, http://tradesource.net/" target="_blank">Tradesource Barter Company and http://www.greenbusinessnetwork.org/memberbenefits/exchange-green-products-and-services.html" target="_blank">Green America’s Green Business Network to provide, build and manage a powerful trading system for the green business community.

According to Camner, “Retail Trade Exchanges are built to create economic solutions and improve the quality of life for small business owners and their employees in a responsible scalable way. The Green America Green Business Network does exactly the same thing for business owners, their employees, their customers and the planet. Combining these two organizational benefits is an explosive combination that will make a difference in the world where we all work.”