Green Festival Speakers

Carol Harris


Harris has owned Casteel Coffee since 1993, providing unique, artisan style, small batch roasting which includes an extensive selection of varietals available to both retail and wholesale customers. Casteel Coffee is proud to serve customers in two locations, the original Evanston location and a brand new kiosk in the award winning Aqua building in downtown Chicago.

Harris has a lifelong interest in community as well as a consummate understanding of the coffee industry. Casteel has long supported both the Fair Trade and Direct Trade movements with their coffees and products they offer. With a recent visit to a cooperative coffee farming community in beautiful North Sao Paulo State, Harris brought the crafts, coffee and inspiring story of the local farmers back to the United States.

Harris and her dedicated staff are committed to customer service and educating the community. All of this has created Casteel's success as Chicago land's dedicated, artisan coffee roaster for over 17 years.