Green Festival Speakers

Chef E


Chef E has been cooking for 28+ years and is passionate about local, sustainable produce and proteins. He caters for the entertainment industry and has cooked for the television shows Parenthood, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Ally McBeal and the films Cat in the Hat, Kill Bill, Angels and Demons, 42, and more. Chef E has also been a private chef for Charlize Theron, Marylin Mason, Dean Devlin, and others, and he cooked for Johnny Depp’s Viper Room.

Chef E works with several farms including McGrath Farms, Tutti-Frutti Farm, Wiser Farm, and Burkhart Organics. He also consults with Linder Grassfed Bison and Solidad Goat Farm. He has six kids ad a passionate about making meals at the L.A. Unified School District healthy.