Green Festival Speakers

Tony Coleman



Tony Coleman, founder of One Fam and Bikes 4 Life, is a long-time Bay Area activist committed to helping rehabilitate at-risk and incarcerated youth. Born in the Bay Area. Coleman is a co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, spearheaded the Third Eye Movement, and worked for American Friends Service Committee. Coleman’s passion for struggling communities is a result of being raised by a single mom in of one of the Bay’s grittiest neighborhoods, the notorious Tenderloin District. He understands well the perils of dysfunctional families, a lack of positive adult role models and inadequate social services. Coleman’s own success story inspired him to work with those dealing with similar circumstances. He has put those lessons to use at One Fam, helping to motivate youth to become productive members of society. Bikes 4 Life is a green business/social enterprise bike shop that serves West Oakland. They sell high-end, affordable bicycles, organize events and train youth.