Green Festival Speakers

Tradd Cotter


Tradd Cotter, founder of Mushroom Mountain in Liberty, South Carolina, has been studying the art of identifying and cultivating mushrooms for over 15 years in the Southeast. An increased understanding in mycology, the study of fungi, has created a wealth of opportunities for humans to explore many aspects of planetary healing. Tradd's foundation in cultivation has evolved into a widespectrum of applications for bioremediation, perpetual food systems, natural pesticides, and recycling strategies to improve the local and global quality of life not just for humans, but for all the organisms with whom we share planet Earth.

Mushroom Mountain currently maintains over 50 species of fungi trained to create food, compost, degrade toxic chemicals, and to specifically target destructive insect pests like termites, carpenter ants, and fire ants.
Tradd also has ten years of landscape design experience, focusing on natural systems, hybridizing native plant and fungal systems to produce cooperative and selfbalancing ecosystems. His work with site restoration at Furman University while working with Earth Design in Pickens greatly has improved the scope of applications for using fungi in environmental landscape design, bioremediation, topsoil generation, and creating model circular systems for homeowners, businesses and schools.

Tradd lectures and consults all over the southeast on mushroom cultivation, recycling and composting with fungi, mycoremediation, and the benefits of understanding and expanding our positive relationships with the natural world around us.