Green Festival Speakers

Lisa Crawford


Mae Crawford is CEO/president of Capitol Property Development LLC, which started as a home improvement contracting firm that specializes in historic preservation and later incorporated green restoration and small construction projects. Her firm has currently created 2 new divisions, which are geared to Construction and Safety Education; and another that focused on Civil Engineering.  Lisa Mae also is president of a consulting business, Capitol Business Solutions LLC, which focus is on Green Business Development, Education and Training, and Energy Solutions.

Lisa Mae has been supporting green initiatives in her businesses and her involvement in various organizations since 2001. She launched her Energy Division in late 2011, winning a Weatherization contract and is now a BPI Accredited Contractor engaged in upgrades to residential and commercial building to reduced energy and increase building performance.  She has advocated on the need for specialized green training for economically disadvantage constituents within the District of Columbia and continues to collaborated with Department of Employment Services on sustainable workforce development. Lisa Mae has taught workshops and given presentations to certified businesses, engineering conferences, city government programs, and nonprofit training and youth organizations on a variety of sustainability issues. She also has created and assisted in the creation of sustainable education and training curricula and will be launching CBS Training Institute in January 2013. 

As a mentor, professor, and a community leader, Lisa Mae is an active member of several organizations in Washington, D.C. She graduated magna cum laude with a degree in computer information systems, and holds degrees in mathematics and a M.B.A. from Trinity University in Washington, D.C.