Green Festival Speakers

Cady Dawson


Cady Dawson has grant management experience, technical expertise, and anextensive history of working with the public to engage them intransportation projects, initiatives and educational efforts.

She is the Assistant Director of the Transit Alliance. The Transit Alliance is a nonprofit coalition of 40 local governments, business associations and citizen groups that contribute to the economic vitality, quality of life and environment of Denver by promoting a balanced, multimodal transportation network.

Ms. Dawson has actively worked in the transportation and transit planning industry in Colorado for nearly 10 years. She began her career working at the Southeast Business Partnership (SEBP) in Englewood, Colorado, and managed the Transportation Demand Management program for the organization. Ms. Dawson then moved on to the consulting side of the transit industry and worked for TransitPlus, Inc. for sixyears. Ms. Dawsons work at TransitPlus included: shortrange transit planning; operational analysis and evaluation of transit systems; transit management; data collection and analysis; and extensive work related to the marketing of transit and alternative modes of transportation.

Ms. Dawson began working for the Transit Alliance as a consultant for the Citizens Academy, and transitioned to work directly for the Alliance as Assistant Director in early 2008. She is responsible for all special programs, grants, and outreach activities for the Alliance.