Green Festival Speakers

DeAnna Martin



Martin has influenced many with her ability to help people resolve conflict, develop their own leadership capabilities, and wake up to our collective potential to change the systems we are in. Currently Martin does this work as director of the Center for Wise Democracy where she is a facilitator and community engagement consultant. Martin works with communities to solve their most difficult issues with creativity and collaboration and practice selfgovernance that is by and for the people. Martin has developed these ideas through her extensive education and experience living, and working in diverse communities, cultures, and other countries.

Martin has worked with people of all ages to learn leadership and advocacy skills and organize for life, political, and social change especially around complex and polarized issues, including people incarcerated in prison, people with chronic illnesses, and change agents seeking to expand their own capacity to make a difference. As a facilitator and educator specializing in selforganizing and emergent processes, Martin activates groups and large systems to provide their own collective leadership, generate collective intelligence, discover their own solutions to issues they face, and the will to implement them with joy and commitment.

Martin's clients include the Washington State Department of Agriculture, San Francisco General Hospital, VHA Texas (a consortium of 19 hospitals), Jefferson County Parks ; Recreation Department, Salmon Bay School, Waking the Phoenix