Green Festival Speakers

Denver School of Science and Technology



The Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST) is a free, openenrollment public school serving middle school and high school students. DSST's approach is predicated on a standards based pedagogy andvaluesbased school culture delivered in a college preparatory liberalarts program with a science and technology focus. DSST is the onlyDistinguished rated high school in Denver and 100% of its graduateshave been accepted into four year colleges.

The Go Green club was established to educate, take action and involvethe community on environmental issues. The challenge is to live a truesustainable existence, but how do we achieve that? Go Green focuses onfive important issues: Energy, Water, Recycling, Transportation/Fueland Bicology. Projects and presentations will take place throughout theschool year to educate and challenge the community and their families.We have to become a creative force and pay attention to our resources.There is a strong need to live in harmony with the planet and be ableto celebrate abundance without limitations.