Green Festival Speakers

Jenni Dito


Jennie Dito is a Marin County native. She has studied art history and environmental studies at UC Santa Cruz and completed certificate courses in environmental and business law and architecture at the University of San Diego and at Harvard. She enjoys spending her time off in the great outdoors, hiking, mountain biking, running, and horseback riding. During the winter, she can be found in the ceramics studio or painting. She also loves listening to music, viewing art, and traveling. With an unbounded passion for solar and doing the right thing, and three years of solar sales experience in both residential and small commercial solar, Jennie is ready to bring it all together as the sales manager for the North Bay region, taking our offices to the next level.Jennie has tirelessly worked in the fields of nature conservation and renewable energy for many years. Prior to joining Real Goods Solar, Jennie wrote and compiled environmental impact reports at RECON Environmental Inc.. Jennie believes she can save the planet, one solar module at a time, and enjoys working in the solar industry as a way of furthering her environmental interests