Green Festival Speakers

Shannon Downey



Downey started Pivotal Production to serve as a boutique experiential marketing and event firm for small and midsize businesses. After a lifealtering eightmonth backpacking trip around the world, Downey realized that she needed to take her skills, ideals, passion, and years of experience in marketing and events and focus them into a business to make her proud.

In starting Pivotal, Downey felt strongly that her firm and product could and should be working in a way that was both environmentally and socially responsible. She spent seven months researching products and approaches, interviewing vendors and visiting production facilities, and as a result, has created a solid network of folks who are committed to responsible practices.

In addition, she created an evergrowing checklist which she uses to analyze Pivotal's events for environmental and social responsibility (download PDF). Every aspect of a Pivotal event is thought through for best practices with the environment, local community, and client's budget and goals at the forefront of all of decisions. This commitment earned Pivotal one of Illinois' first B Corporation certifications.

Downey is committed to changing the way people celebrate and is an avid believer in the importance of collaboration. She is a faculty member at DePaul University and is elated to be a future tenant of the Green Exchange. Downey is committed to a true triple bottom line and is a passionate supporter of the arts. She also loves to bust a mean groove.