Green Festival Speakers

Jacqueline Drumheller


Drumheller is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager with over 19 years of experience in the environmental industry, covering just about every topic from audits to underground storage tanks. In 2008, she helped found Alaska Airlines' corporate sustainability program. She raised awareness of the importance and value of environmental stewardship through the launch and leadership of a cross-divisional Green Team, which lead to a company-wide adoption of new "greener" business initiatives and strategies. In 2009, she completed Alaska Airgroup's first ever Corporate Environmental Responsibility Report. By institutionalizing sustainability and integrating environmental decisions into routine business decisions, Drumheller believes that businesses can improve their brand value and corporate image, increase employee engagement, cut costs and reduce risks. Drumheller is an enthusiastic public speaker who enjoys turning dry technical information into something simple, fun and understandable.