Green Festival Speakers

Anne Ducey



Ducey is celebrating her 28th year with Seattle City Light's Conservation Division. Ducey started in 1983 as a Home Energy Auditor after graduating from Southern Illinois University with a B.S. in Science Education. In 1990, Ducey was promoted to Energy Planning Analyst where she took charge of planning residential lighting programs. In this capacity, Ducey attended the very first California Compact meeting where utility planners were convinced CFLs would make the Alamp obsolete by 1995. And as lead of the Northwest Residential Efficient Lighting Group, Ducey helped convince the Bonneville Power Administration to fund this promising new technology. By 1996 as widespread adoption to CFLs seemed unachievable due to persistent consumer barriers, Ducey began focusing on marketing and advertising Seattle City Light's more viable conservation programs. This proved immensely rewarding as Anne was able to unleash her pentup creative abilities. Now that CFLs have finally begun to take hold in the market, Ducey manages both residential lighting program planning and marketing. Ducey enjoys taking an idea all the way through from planning to implementation and then promotion. In 2008, Ducey won Seattle City Light's Light Power ; Pride award for creativity and Innovation in her work developing and promoting the Twist ; Save program. Ducey is a frequent speaker for City Light on CFLs including the 2008 ACEEE (American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy) conference in Asilomar CA and the 2008 BECC (Behavior, Energy ; Climate Change) conference in Sacramento, CA. Ducey is excited to be speaking about the environmental aspects of using compact fluorescent light bulbs at the 2010 Green Fest in Seattle.