Green Festival Speakers

Bevan Dufty


After a childhood in Harlem, Bevan moved to the Bay Area at age 16. He graduated from Menlo-Atherton High School and attended UC Berkeley. He worked first in Washington D.C., first for Representative Shirley Chisolm, and then Representative Julian Dixon. Bevan later moved to San Francisco and became a Legislative Aid to Susan Leal. He then ran the Office of Neighborhood Services under Mayor Willie Brown. Bevan quickly realized that addressing small problems is what makes a big difference in people's lives. Bevan believes that government, on the local level, has the power to change lives in a tangible way--by honoring the public trust; by being timely, responsive and respectful; and by taking it day-by-day, one problem at a time. In 2002 Bevan won the seat of District 8 Supervisor and in 2006, won re-election with 69% of the vote. Now, after 18 years of City service, Bevan is running for Mayor of San Francisco. Bevan wants to create a more dynamic, responsive and effective city government for all San Franciscans.