Green Festival Speakers

Sacha Dunn



Common Good was born from the idea that we were using too much plastic. Cleaning products, in particular, were responsible for the large bags of recycling which left our house each week.

It was time to rethink how we consume our products. When a bottle will last thousands of years in landfill and recycling still consumes lots of energy, why wouldn’t we try to use it as long as possible?

Sacha and her husband Edmund launched Common Good in November 2010 with a line of products in simple packaging that is nice enough to keep. We have designed an easy to use refill station and encourage customers to refill their bottles. All of products are formulated to be safe, green and hardworking.

By creating a way for people to use less packaging, they hope to help create a safer, cleaner world. By creating a package that is clean and simple, they hope to make a daily chore, a little nicer.