Green Festival Speakers

Deboleena Dutta



Deboleena Dutta is the founder of HerbNZest, a healthier take on condiments. As a new mom, Deb noticed how unhealthy grocery options were: high in sugar, salt, fats, and artificial ingredients. With a desire to make a difference and belief in the power of cooking to fuel, heal and bring together families and friends, she quit her career to launch HerbNZest.

HerbNZest condiments are easy to use straight out of the jar or as meal starters. Through her website, products, recipes, and workshops, Deb hopes to inspire people to create good food easily to fit their lifestyle.

Deb has an MBA from The Wharton School and 10 years spanning banking, portfolio management, and grassroots microfinance. She lives in Princeton, NJ with her family and credits her knowledge of food, business, and life to an endless quest for the new and the different.