Green Festival Speakers

Dwaine Lee



Dwaine Lee directs Special Projects in Green Workforce development for the Horticultural Society of New York. Formerly the Field Director of Sustainable South Bronx’s Bronx Environmental Stewards Training, Dwaine holds certifications in Rain Garden Installation and Permaculture Design from Rutgers University. He is a certified NYC citizen tree pruner and a Certified Master Composter through the DSNY compost project. Dwaine has consulted on, designed, and managed green infrastructure and Low Impact Development (LID) projects of varying scopes, from building raised beds for urban farms to installing rain gardens, greenroofs, wildlife habitat corridors and the ecological restoration of urban forests. Additionally, Dwaine has extensive experience in urban gardening, agriculture, bee-keeping and landscaping. Dwaine designed a curriculum to transfer these employable skills that promote local and global sustainability.