Green Festival Speakers

Tamearra Dyson



Souley Vegan is owned by Tamearra Dyson a vegan and bay area native who's grandfather (Jimmy Williams) of whom she is influenced, was from Louisiana. She take pride in serving food that is not only delicious, healthy and hearty, but real food that you can consume on a daily basis with out developing poor health.

When Tamearra started Souley vegan In 2006, she honestly had no idea of the impact it would have on the community. She was just doing what she had been doing since she gave birth to her son, Aquil, in 1994 - "home cooken." She loves to cook just like her mom, Dawn Williams cooked for the entire family, her brothers, sisters and also her Grandpa Jimmy. Holidays would always be at their humble home, and though they did not have a lot of money, cooking was something that brought the family together, and she can proudly say her mom did that.

Some customers come to eat at Souley Vegan for lunch and dinner 3-4 times a week, so Tamearra feels partially responsible for their health. She takes what she does seriously and cares about the people consuming her food. She am a vegan woman and a single mom who is genuinely trying to make a deference in the way we eat which is directly connected to the way we think.