Green Festival Speakers

Mary Embleton



A native Seattleite, as a young girl Embleton moved with her family to their Montana farm. She earned a bachelors degree in political economy of natural resources from the University of California, Berkeley, and a masters degree in applied economics from Montana State University, Bozeman.

Embleton taught economics and conducted research at Montana State University prior to moving back to Seattle in 1989, where she got involved in land use, environmental planning and community development. In 1997 she participated in meetings of local food system stakeholders to help create a unified voice for local agriculture. The meetings led to formation of Cascade Harvest Coalition, which was incorporated as a nonprofit in 1999.

As director pf Cascade Harvest Coalition, Embleton operates a number of programs in the areas of local farm product branding and consumer education, farm product marketing, creating new markets, farm transition and farmer education, farmerconsumer linkages, farmerpolicy maker connections, good food policy and community food access.