Green Festival Speakers

James Faber


James Faber has a B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in reporting on health, science and the environment from Columbia College Chicago. He began working at Conscious Choice magazine in Chicago as an editorial intern in 1997, and became full-time in October 1998 as the magazine transitioned from publishing bi-monthly to monthly. While progressing through four ownership changes from 1998-2009, he worked as associate editor, senior editor and managing editor, before taking on the role of production manager in early 2001. In this role, he was responsible for producing nearly 100 issues of the magazine before it's demise in April 2009. James is one of the original founders of Mindful Metropolis, responsible for producing the first issue in May 2009—just three weeks after the final issue of Conscious Choice went to press, along with every issue since. He is currently the magazine’s editorial and production director, celebrating two years of publishing in May 2011.