Green Festival Speakers

Paul Fenn



Paul Fenn is Chairman and CEO of Local Power Inc. (localpower.com), based in Oakland.

Over the past fourteen years, Paul Fenn has developed a matrix of market structures and strategies to make possible an exponential scaling up and accelerated development of renewable energy and demandside energy technology.

Fenn authored California's 2002 Community Choice law, Assembly Bill 117, allowing municipalities to choose alternative electricity providers for their communities.

Fenn also wrote San Francisco's 2001 solar bond or H Bond authority Proposition H and the 50 MW San Francisco Solar Power Facility proposal for which the revenue bond authority was written. Sponsored by San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, the project calls for construction of the world's largest urban solar utility on San Francisco rooftops.

Shifting to implementation of these authorities, Fenn wrote San Francisco's May 11 2004 Energy Independence Ordinance, which combines California's Community Choice law with San Francisco's H Bond Authority to create a novel financing mechanism to build an historic $1.2 Billion public works project in San Francisco, installing 360 Megawatts of solar, wind, efficiency and conservation technologies and ultimately make the City 51% green powered by 2017.

Fenn coauthored the nation's original Community Choice law, Senate 447, in 1994, while serving as Director of the Massachusetts Senate Committee on Energy under the chairmanship of Senator Mark Montigny (DNew Bedford), who sponsored the legislation. Fenn helped Ohio and New Jersey in the drafting of their (1999, 2003) Community Choice laws, and has advised state, federal, and British policy and educational bodies on the opportunity to make major gains against the Climate Crisis.

Fenn is cochair of the California Sierra Club Energy Committee, faculty at Law Seminars International, and participates sporadically in American politics, writing the platform and editing a campaign newspaper for Jerry Brown's 1998 mayoral bid in Oakland, California, and helping coordinate Ralph Nader's 1992 run for in the New Hampshire Primary. He holds a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago, has taught undergraduate and graduate engineering students at San Francisco State University, and lectured at UC Berkeley, Sonoma State and other universities on the subject of energy. He is fortyone years old.