Green Festival Speakers

Ann Finneran



Ann Finneran has been a volunteer for Share International Foundation for over thirty years, and adheres to the organization’s view of distributive justice via sharing as paramount. In 2004, she was one of the charter founders of Sullivan Alliance for Sustainable Development, an upstate New York concern whose mission is “to foster economic development that is environmentally and economically sustainable as well as socially responsible”. She has spoken for Share International on numerous occasions, most recently on a panel at Barnard College where her focus was the environment. She is a member of New York Water Action Group whose concern is to limit the use of New York State’s fresh water by heavy industry. She embraces the ideas of the commons and transition towns, is an outspoken “fractivist” and thinks all of these concerns support Share International’s priority to redistribute the world’s resources and curtail commercialization. “People over Profit.”