Green Festival Speakers

Adrienne Fitch-Frankel



As Global Exchange's Fair Trade campaign director, Adrienne reaches out to chocolate lovers and chocolate makers alike to help create a world in which we are all free to enjoy guilt-free chocolate. Adrienne also campaigns for conflict-free diamonds, and was part of the Global Exchange coordinated coalition for sweat-free legislation in San Francisco. Adrienne has engaged in advocacy toward both corporations and government to create a flourishing international economy at home and abroad that is truly the catalyst for promoting democracy and human rights, protecting the environment, securing peace and ending poverty. Adrienne has worked for diverse human rights and environmental advocacy organizations, as well as leaders in the field of green business such as Green America and Calvert Group. Her area of expertise is the impact of commodities, both extractive and agricultural, on local communities, particularly indigenous people. Adrienne has studied at Oxford University's Refugee Studies Programme, UC Davis Martin Luther King Hall School of Law and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, where she studied development economics and environmental policy. Adrienne is also the cohost of Terra Verde, the weekly environmental radio program on KPFA in northern California.