Green Festival Speakers




Music is supposed to inspire, but in a time when radio stations play songs that are all but inspiring, what do we do? We turn within to find that inspiration, and that is just whatFIYAWATA members, Ambessa the Articulate and Zakiya Harris do, and it shows through their audible delights. Hailing from two coasts, Ambessa from Brooklyn, NYC and Zakiya from Oakland, CA, these two have brought their talents together to the Bay Area and with their team of spectacular musicians they've formed the super power force called FIYAWATA.

Their sound consists of harmonious blends of hiphop, reggae, soul and afrolatin music, and their message is a fine concoction of spiritual enlightenment, activism and daytoday street life. Amazing every crowd they've rocked, FIYAWATA has shared stages with DEAD PREZ, KILLA MIKE, Bay Area superstars ZIONI, PROPHETS OF RAGE, and CROWN CITY ROCKERS. They have also performed at San Francisco's STUDIO Z, LAST DAY SALOON, NEW COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA, THE OAKLAND BOX THEATER, THE JAVA HOUSE, BLAKE'S OF BERKELEY and New York City's CB'S GALLERY, WETLANDS, AND NKIRU BOOKS.

Guaranteed to be icons in HipHop and the entire field of music, FIYAWATA is the inspiration we've been seeking for a very long time and at last they're finally here to turn the party out!