Green Festival Speakers

Noam Frankel



Frankel is the Founder and CEO of The Greener Cleaner Chicago.

Frankel is an American pioneer in professional wetcleaning technology, the only method endorsed by the E.P.A., the Union of Concerned Scientists and Green Peace. Frankel shares how his company, The Greener Cleaner, has met the challenges of misinformation in the drycleaning business. Says Frankel, What you don't know about drycleaning chemicals can hurt you, our environment... and also your garments. Prior to founding The Greener Cleaner in 1995, Frankel served as COO and CEO in the industries of freight, and in medical care. Frankel earned his MBA from The University of Chicago, and a BA in Economics from The University of Pennsylvania. Frankel lives in Chicago with his three children, and wife who is a business partner. Frankel is a three time national champion in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and enjoys mountain biking whenever possible.